Air Quality Egg logo

Air Quality Egg is an integrated, versatile, and fun learning tool with open-source hardware, a robust web and mobile application, and Next Generation Science Standards curriculum.


Antithesis creates superfoods that taste like junk food using the best science.

Areti Construction

Areti Construction offers a variety of remodeling, new construction, and property maintenance services.

BESP's electroactive attached growth technology increases wastewater treatment capacity while reducing energy use without new construction or hydraulic changes.

Cally logo

Cally combines organizational psychology and data science to help teams achieve their greatest work.


Capro-X upcycles acid whey dairy waste into valuable biofuels and bioplastics.

Cayuga Genetics develops plants that are naturally healthier by increasing nutrients and essential vitamins.

Children's Reading Connection

Children's Reading Connection works to inspire, create, and promote efforts that build a culture of family and community literacy.

Combplex creates devices for commercial beekeepers to triage which of their colonies need additional attention.

Copperhorse Coffee is a small-batch coffee roastery and tasting room specializing in fresh crop artisan coffees from around the world.

Dimensional Energy makes solar fuels viable through efficient utilization and even distribution of sunlight in scalable reactor forms.

EMPEQ was created to remove the upfront cost barrier to energy efficient upgrades at commercial buildings while saving building owners 10-40% on energy expenses day one.


Exotanium ensures cloud-computing data and applications are protected and secure.

Farther Farms is an innovative food processing company, using technology to create a more sustainable food system.

Firelight Camps accommodates the needs of outdoor tourist markets by offering a high quality glamping experience.

GiveGab is an online fundraising platform tailored just for nonprofits.

Heat Inverse’s cooling technology helps manufacturers increase efficiency simply and inexpensively, using photonic thin-film materials that get cold with zero-energy input.

Hestia Technologies

Hestia Technologies makes energy optimization accessible to homeowners everywhere.

Home Green Home is an eclectic shop with healthy home furnishings and green living goods.

Íko Systems brings organic design into the home with smart plant growing systems.

IMM provides world-class web marketing, supporting small to medium sized businesses.

Iterate Labs

Iterate Labs is a workplace health and safety IOT company that develops smart wearables and software to provide meaningful insights and injury prevention.

Kingsley Quality Woodworking builds custom cabinetry, furniture and millwork to fulfill on the vision of your space.

Madeira Trading develops strategic partnerships between exotic fruit growers in Brazil and the U.S. food industry.

Morphism is developing a new programming language and software development platform for high-assurance software.

New York Hemp Oil is an organically-grown, locally-sourced hemp processor based in New York State.

Nimba’s platform and applications are designed for businesses, institutions, and individuals to have secure, available data through impeccably trusted cloud storage.

Open City Labs develops software social service organizations and healthcare providers that makes it easy to connect patients to social services that improve health and reduce costs.

Poplar Point Studio provides landscape design & fine gardening services.

Rosie is a leading SaaS provider of predictive online and mobile shopping applications.

Shrub Bucket provides America's Garden Center to customers by bringing the wholesale nursery and greenhouse industry together.

Singlebrook is a custom web and mobile development firm based in Ithaca, NY.

SolarKal is a solar advisory and brokerage firm, servicing real estate owners, businesses and corporations.

South Hill Cider makes well-crafted hard cider in small batches, with attention to detail.

Standard Hydrogen Corp. works to create an economically-viable, sustainable hydrogen infrastructure that provides everyone with a trusted, transparent, carbon-free travel option.

Sustainable Diet

Sustainable Diet provides programs, training, and resources for healthy living.

Ursa brings transparency to the global economy, helping traders & analysts in the finance & energy industries make more informed decisions.


Verticalé stands behind the retail disruptors, allowing consumers to explore the new generation of brands in a simplified online experience.

VisionLab 360 is a virtual and augmented reality film production company.

Yasamin Miller Group merges computer science, data science, and information science with conventional market and survey research.